No, welcome noble websurfer.
This is the home of "Cogs and Robbers" - and the process behind it.
It IS a continuous comic made for webbased publication, but I'm documenting the creative process behind the first chapter. Why? Well you see, I go to this school and now I'm up for a funky project. Namely this. So what's in it for you then? I offer you two things:

    A continuous webcomic updated weekly. Every update will contain an amount of pages. This is important! Many webcomics update page by page. This does not. It waits a bit longer and gives a bigger bit of reading. The current aim is 4/week. I give absolutely NO guarantees. Tuesdays are update-days.

    I also give you the process documentation. This is a collection of thoughts, remarks and sketches commenting the actual pages itself. Also some (hidden) indepth information about story and such. You'll have to read inbetween the lines.

I plan to offer these 4 means of navigation stated below.The "first time reader"s will be shown to this text. "Latest" is pretty straight forward. It is the latest update. "Archives" rather selfexplanatory aswell. It's all of the updates, arranged with corresponding P.D.-entries. "The P.D." is the process documentation. It's the aformentioned bundle of junk beind the actual comic.

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